The Association for Anthroposophic Speech Arts in North America

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Chestnut Ridge, NY

Steiner School of Speech Arts

  • Full-time four-year training
    An inspiring journey through the multilayered elements of speech. Building on the Foundation year program, we transform our relationship with the spoken word and become conscious of how the human voice is an instrument of creative power. We explore the spark, radiance, and meaning that live in words and create a new understanding of the rhythm and movement of language.
    Culminating in a recognized diploma.
  • Speech 101 : One-week speech intensives
    A series of one-week intensive blocks that offer an introduction to the artistic forming of speech through Rudolf Steiner’s exercises in articulation and breathing. Any block may be taken separately, and all blocks are appropriate for any level of experience. 

July 3-8, 2022

Traumas live within the stories we tell. Yet it is not merely the stories that keep these traumas alive–trauma is held in the words and sounds themselves. The inner gestures and pictures, and the meaning of those gestures, that we form can either keep those sounds and words captive within our souls and bodies, or set them free.

Speech lies at the core of everything we do as human beings. Understanding language through the practice of creative speech provides insights into our students’ learning, their social and emotional life, and their health.

Creative Speech is a course designed for students who want to develop their capacity for listening and speaking as an art form and hone their ability to use Speech as a tool for healing.

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Course begins on July 18, 2022

Speech training enables the speaker to consciously use ego forces to direct the flow of the etheric body and engage the astral body; As a word gives shape to thoughts and experiences, the ego structures and guides the process. It is through this activity that we become worthy of imitation. — Led by experienced speech trainers, Craig Giddens and Daniel Stokes

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